Buying a smartphone is not an investment. The device practically starts depreciating the moment it hits the market and so, for love of god, stop saying that buying a phone is an investment. However, I can’t argue with you if the phone in question is the Goldphone.

Caviar Goldphone Solid Gold Bar With Phone Function

Created by the purveyor of luxury gadgets, Caviar Phone, the Goldphone is literally a solid gold bar… with phone function. I kid you not. It is crafted in the shape of a gold bar and with the purest gold possible, 999.9 gold (24-carat), or so we heard.

So, if you ever dream of putting a gold bar as a phone, surf the web, or do whatever that you do with a smartphone, well then, your dream has just come true.

Caviar Goldphone Solid Gold Bar With Phone Function

If you wished for that to happen, I’d hope you also wished for the some serious wealth because, the Caviar Goldphone Solid Gold Bar With Phone Function is going to cost you a fortune, or at least US$159,000 to be exact.

Available in Samsung S21/S21+/Ultra or in iPhone 12 Pro, only 7 units are made and therefore, if you want one, you ought to act on it pronto. Though it is not clear if the 7 units are for each model, or total number regardless of model.

Caviar Goldphone Solid Gold Bar With Phone Function

Before you jump on it, you ought to know that sacrifice has to be made in order to hold a gold bar to your sound hole. In addition to costing a fortune, this phone has no rear facing camera. Rightfully so. It is a gold bar, isn’t it and so…

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Anywho, for the grand six-figure sum, you will receive this rare creation in a white luxurious case-safe, perfectly matching the color of gold and kept safe from unauthorized hands with a combination lock.

Images: Caviar Phone.

Hat tip: Luxury Launches.

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