What We Have Missed: Day 215, Week 31 In The Year Of 2014

HP is Working With Gilt And Michael Bastian To Develop A Stylish Smartwatch want a smartwatch to go with your suit? then look out for this yet-to-named, HP smartwatch. HP have chose to partner with Gilt and fashion designer Michael Bastian to come up with a smartwatch that will have stainless steel case, a choice […]

Ritot Projection Watch Solves Your Dilemma Of Bracelet Or Wrist Watch

apart from the jump from pocket watch to one that you wear on your wrist, timepiece has remain largely unchanged. sure, there are added functionalities, as showcased in smartwatches, but still it is a display or dial face with the information, and that’s that. now, a California tech firm, Ritot, wants that to change. the […]

LG G Watch Goes Official With Specs, Available Now At $229 A Pop

it is official. the LG G Watch powered by Android Wear is now with firm specs and available from Google Play as we speak for $229. it is among the first device to harness the power of Google’s wearable tech-specific OS, Android Wear. the device sports a super sleek, button-less design and a love it […]

Rufus Cuff – Full-blown Android Smartwatch

while the newly introduced Android Wear-powered smartwatches looks sleek, they are sized like regular watches which leaves you little or no option for typing if you are belongs to the group who feel silly speaking to a piece of hardware. with the new platform, the Mountain View folks expect you to use voice for pretty much everything…

LG G Watch Powered By Android Wear

for those who are wondering when LG digital smart timepiece going to arrive, well, LG has an answer, and that would be sometime in second quarter of 2014. the aptly dubbed LG G Watch is powered by the freshly announced Android Wear which is a new mobile platform tailored specifically for wearable devices.

HeadWatch – Smartwatch and Headset Hybrid

can’t decide between a smartwatch and a Bluetooth headset even though these two gizmos are distinctively different? we shan’t dwell into why there is a debate over two different gadgets in the first place, but HeadWatch aims to call a truce to that deliberation once and for all, because this seemingly regular smartwatch is also, well, a Bluetooth…

Ibis Dual Face Smartwatch

if you really think about it, the smartwatches we have seen thus far aren’t really designed for ladies. yes. some of them may suit the fairer sexes, but deep down we know they are more geared towards men, which really shouldn’t be the case. however, that might change if…

Smartwatch-controlled .22 LR Caliber Pistol System

though pistol makes a handy self-defense weapon, it can be deadly when falls into the wrong hands. the Smartwatch-controlled .22 LR Caliber Pistol System by German firm Armatix makes sure that, in the event of such unfortunate circumstances, your firearm will not be used against you or harm others.