Here’s Louis Vuitton Space-inspired Monogram Galaxy Collection

Here’s another space-related news. Well, Louis Vuitton is not going into space, or at least not yet, but the Parisian fashion house has will get wealthy space-adoring, LV fans going ga-ga with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Galaxy Collection. It is basically the LV monogram you are familiar with, but the space serves as the backdrop. […]

Adidas Is Giving You A Reason To Buy All Seven Dragon Ball Z Shoes

Adidas is giving Dragon Ball Z’s fans a good reason to acquire all seven Adidas Dragon Ball Z sneakers from the soon-to-be-available Adidas Dragon Ball Z Collection. According to a report, all seven of the manga-themed shoes are confirmed to hit the shelves starting September 29 in a staggered release. Goku’s Adidas ZX 500 RM […]

New Movements Sneakers Is Classy, Sustainable And Made In Europe

Forget about big brand name sneakers if you are all about sustainability. Instead, you should look to kicks like the New Movements Sustainable Sneakers because, sustainability. While some big brands are embroiled in controversy such as terrible work conditions, underpaid workers and questionable manufacturing process, Norwegian New Movements promised the use of recycled, as well […]

You Can Wear NASA On Your Feet With This Mercer Amsterdam Sneaker

Only a handful have the privilege of stepping into space. Some chose to work for space agencies like NASA to fulfill their wish to be involved in space explorations, but really, what are the odds of you working in NASA? There’s a simpler way actually to show your love for all-thing space, though, and that […]

These Are Under Armour’s New UA HOVR Connected Shoes

If you haven’t been a fan of Under Armour, you may not have know that Under Armour have been selling connected running shoes, AKA smart shoes. The first of UA’s connect shoes were introduced early last year at CES and a year on, earlier this year, the company introduced two new pairs: UA HOVR Phantom […]

Someone Turned A Balenciaga Triple S Into A Functional Bong. Yes, Really!

Sneakers, whether or not it has been worn, are not objects that you want to be close to your face, much less taste it or take a smoke out of it, but for a rather wacky project, men fashion blog Dandy Dairy decided that it is a good idea to retrofit a bong into a […]

Louis Vuitton’s New “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes Are Really Super Chunky!

Louis Vuitton has never known for sneakers. Perhaps, that will change with Virgil Abloh’s involvement? Likely. Perhaps starting with the Louis Vuitton Chunky “Zig Zag” Skate Shoes. This pair is the first kicks to debut since after the founder of street wear label Off-White took the post as the artistic director at the Parisian fashion […]

Nike Gives Its Iconic Swoosh Logo A New Look On Air Max 1

The highly recognizable and iconic Nike swoosh logo has a makeover which I didn’t think was possible. The sportswear giant has been rebooting some of its iconic models, giving them new-look logos, or simply bestowing them with new designs and materials. The Nike Air Max you see here is one of the latest to get […]

Xiaomi Has A New Sneakers That Is Totally Machine Washable

Another day, another new products from China’s biggest provision gadget provider, Xiaomi. This time, it is a pair of sneakers called Mijia Sport Shoes 2 – the second pair the company is touting since the introduction of Xiaomi ‘Intel Inside’ Ultra Smart Running Shoes last year. The Mijia Sport Shoes 2 is clearly a lot […]

This Is Gumshoe, The First Sneakers To Have Soles Made From Chewing Gums

Chewing gum and street cleanliness have never seen eye-to-eye. It is a social problem that many cities have put up with. There is only one country in the world that took drastic measure to curb the gum litter problem and that’s Singapore. Singapore has banned the sale of chewing gum for as long as I […]