Heineken Heinekicks Walk On Beer Sneakers

The religious may be enamored by holy water-filled sneakers but to the zythophiles, the holy grail is not walking on water from the Jordan river; it would be walking on beer and ideally, chucking down a few pints while he or she is at it.

Heineken Heinekicks Walk On Beer Sneakers

Heinekicks is a pair of kicks that will let you do just that. Well, figuratively because the beer is in the insoles just like it was on the MSCHF’s Holy Shoes.

Created with sneaker designer “The Shoe Surgeon,” aka Dominic Ciambrone, Heinekicks is part of a marketing campaign to promote the Dutch brewing company’s Heineken Silver beer, a lighter, lower-alcohol beer introduced earlier this year.

The super limited-edition kicks feature a Heineken Silver bottle-inspired colorway of green, silver, and red, and on each shoe, a removable metal bottle opener can be hidden inside the tongue.

Heineken Heinekicks Walk On Beer Sneakers

But the real star of this pair of kicks is the insoles that contain actual beer. I understand the play on walking on water but walking on beer is a bit of a head-scratcher.

According to the brewing company, beer in the insoles is to create a “smooth” sensation when walking which is the taste profile of this new beer. Actually, I don’t quite get it but Okay…

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Now for the good news for shoe collectors and beer lovers, the Heinekicks are actually real and something money can buy, albeit in extremely limited numbers.

Heineken Heinekicks Walk On Beer Sneakers

All told only 32 pairs will be available, of which 7 pairs will be coming to Singapore later this year.

Meanwhile, the inaugural beer-infused sneakers will be displayed in Limited Edt Vault at 313@Somerset from August 11-24, 2022 (Singapore Time), as part of the Project Future event.

Heineken Heinekicks Walk On Beer Sneakers

Images: Le Pub, BBH Singapore via ADWEEK/Facebook (@HeinekenSingapore).