Voxan Wattman Electric Superbike

don’t let underperforming electric motorcycles (with less than inspiring design, if we might add) drench your hope for a more exhilarating and cleaner future ride. if there’s anything that could change that perception, it would be the Voxan Wattman Electric Superbike which as its name suggests, is loaded with wattage –

BMW S 1000 R Superbike

having brute grunt like the S 1000 RR may not be everyone’s cup of English Breakfast, especially when it use as a daily runner, and this is the very reason why there’s the BMW S 1000 R Superbike, a “pared down” version of the RR (hence the lone ‘R’), but no less potent. actually, it is a little less on the brute force, but still pretty impressive

Ducati 1199 Panigale S Senna Superbike

the name Ayrton Senna is synonymous with Formula 1 Racing, but only keen fans of the late Formula 1 star and watchers of the Formula 1 race scene would know that this celebrated champion had a special affinity for Ducati bikes. marking the 20 years since the passing of the Brazilian Formula star, the Italian bike maker has unveiled another special edition

Mission RS Electric Motorcycle

nearly two and half years ago, we were awed by Mission R TTXGP, a race-ready electric superbike that took the 2011 TTXGP electric grand prix at Laguna Seca by storm, finishing the race with an incredible 39.98 seconds lead over the second place rider. that was then in the name of Mission Motors. fast forward to today, the two-year-young Mission Motorcycles

Vilner Aprilia Stingray Custom Motorcycle

usually, the for an auto car interior customizer, the logical move is either to venture into yacht or aircraft customization but that norm does not applies to Bulgarian customizer, Vilner. they have taken a dip in customizing an iconic bike and this one-off project is Aprilia Tuono 1000R, reborn as a Vilner Aprilia Stingray custom

2013 Ducati 1199 Panigale R Superbike

do not confuse the 2013 Ducati 1199 Panigale R Superbike with the lesser 1199 Panigale. this is the newest superbike from Bologna bike maker that’s bred for the race track and fit for any everyday roads. powered by 1,198cc (1.2-liter) liquid-cooled L-twin cylinder engine that makes 195 horsepower (143 kW) with 132 Nm (98.1 lb-ft) of torque, this two-wheel beast is made for speed…

Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle

do you have what it takes to rocket to 277 km/h (172.2 mph) on a two-wheeler? if yes is the answer than this very limited Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Motorcycle is the bike for you. well, not that you should be going that fast on a regular road other than the Salt Flats and also, not that you will be getting the…

Hanebrink Hustler X5 Electric Bike

instant torque and power. yes, those are dreams no more, thanks to the advanced development of purely electric powered motorcycles, these are reality which money can buy. one of the latest to join the electric two-wheeler bandwagon is the Hanebrink Hustler X5 Electric Bike. the namesake sounds sleazy (thankfully, saved by the ‘X5’) and the bike looks like any regular…