You Can Now Talk To Amazon Echo Like Talking To The Star Trek Computer

Trekkies, you have made your home over-the-top Star Trek-ish with automatic sliding doors, TNG uniform bedding set, USS Enterprise WiFi router, appropriate Star Trek TOS bookends for your Star Trek literatures, Borg fridge, Phaser replica remote control and whatnot, but it will never be complete without you barking out ‘computer’ and have your very own […]

Star Trek Enterprise 3D Deco Lamp Puts Realistic ‘Hologram’ In Your Home

Sci-fi books and films have opened our eyes to many drool worthy future tech. Sadly, not every one of those fantasy tech becomes a reality. Hologram is one of them. The hologram here we are referring to is real projection of a 3D object in wireframe or similar, not the sticker kind of hologram you […]

Star Trek Enterprise Rocker Lets Kids Rock Where No Kids Has Rock Before

Look at the Star Trek Enterprise and what do you see the shape can turn into? Not sure? Well, as it turns out, it makes for a rather awesome children’s rocking toy – as proven by this Star Trek Enterprise Rocker made by San Diego-based G and G Rockers. The rocker is crafted entirely out […]

This Star Trek TNG ComBadge Lets You Tap To Answer/End Calls (And More)

Forget about those Star Trek ComBadge replicas. The Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge is the Star Trek ComBadge you want. Why? Because it is not some dumb replica that merely looks good; it is one that works like the real deal. Paired it to your smartphone and you will be communicating like the Star Fleet […]

Cosy Up With Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Bedding Set

You can’t call yourself a true trekkie if your humble abode or man-cave does not look like the interior of the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise. Or maybe not cos’ not everyone is that rich, but at least, you will have a bunch of stuff that you uses daily to remind you of your all-time favorite sci-fi […]

Original Star Trek Starship Enterprise TV Show Model Restored At SNASM

Star Trek Starship Enterprise maybe a fictional spaceship but it was product of creative imagination of movie makers and a mark of mankind’s desire for deep space exploration, which makes the original starship Enterprise model worthy of a place in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. And museum it did head to in 1974 […]

Star Trek Risk 50th Anniversary Edition Lets The Captains Vie For The Stars

Trekkies, who do you think is the best Starfleet commander? Captain Kirk? Jean-Luc Picard? Benjamin Sisko? Kathryn Janeway? Or maybe Jonathan Archer? Instead of going on an endless and possibly heated debate over who’s the best, perhaps, you folks would like to let the board decides and by board, we do mean Risk: Star Trek […]

Mr. Spock Leaning On 64’ Buick Riviera Recreated In Diecast For Comic-Con

Outside of the television series, the one photo that shows actor Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek The Original Series, in his Star Trek costume, leaning on his spanking new 64’ Buick Riviera is perhaps the most recognizable. The car was acquired by Leonard to celebrate the success of the Star Trek […]

Mattel Celebrates 50 Years Of Star Trek With New Star Trek Barbie Dolls

50 years. That’s how long since the first Star Trek series hit the tube on NBC and it forever changed how we see sci-fi and beam me up, Scotty becomes an acceptable expression. You can say Star Trek phenomena is a pop culture of our time, one that lets our imagination run to wildest corner […]

Trekkie Reimagined Star Trek Shuttlecraft Into A Camping Tent

What are the odds of Trekkies who are willing to forgo the creature comfort of technology for the wild? We’d say the odds are really, really low (unless you are on an imaginary mission to Planet Earth), but in case there’s a side of you that begs to be in the great outdoor, then I […]