This is it. This is the New MINI Clubman and it is the Biggest MINI Yet

We love MINI, but its size left much to be desired. Sure. There is the Countryman to content with, but honestly speaking, while Countryman has the face of the MINI, it never really look like a MINI; it looks more like a mini monster truck. This is where we think the new MINI Clubman will […]

Subaru’s Second Hybrid is an Impreza Sport, Goes On Sale in Japan in July

The myth of boxer engine is a serious gas guzzler remains today, which is of course, not 100 percent true as horizontally-opposed engine has improved significantly since Subby’s early Impreza days. However, if you are still bothered by that, I am sure a hybrid paired to a boxer might help to ease fuel tension. Speaking […]

Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake Unveiled, Includes a 360HP AMG Variant

Mercedes-Benz has finally pull the wraps off the new CLA Shooting Brake. Despite the new found station wagon body, its four-door coupe form is still very much alive, which means fans who adore the sporty lines of the CLA won’t be disappointed here. Being of a five-door configuration, it also means the CLA Shooting Brake […]

Peugeot Introduces Two 308 GT With Two Dynamic Engine Options

lets just skip pass the market mambo jambo that comes standard with any automobile press release. Peugeot has a couple of new performance 308s, which the French automaker labeled as GT. the first is a regular hatch and the other being a station wagon. yes. a station wagon GT. sounds like fun to us. fresh […]

This Dude Turned A Volvo 240 Wagon Into A Delightful Amphibious Vehicle

amphibious vehicle is almost always associated with rugged, off-road vehicles and never had or will ever have a romantic relationship with road cars, much less a Volvo 240 Wagon, well, that’s until now. a New Yorker by the name of Theon Parseghian, who apparently has this undying love for tinkering with cars in a brutal […]

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate: Space Up, Weight Down. Impossible?

love the 2015 C-Class but wanted something a little more practical in terms of usable real estate within the car? well, the pointed star marque’s newest C-Class Estate will have you covered. so yes. the official words are out and word is, it has an overall length of 4,702 mm, which is 96 mm longer […]

Trident Iceni Magna And Venturer Joins The World’s Fastest Diesel Sports Car

on one end, diesel-powered motors have been traditionally associated with commercial vehicles and on the other, it is portrayed as mild-manner family rides. however, the British’s Trident Iceni changed all that and did so with quite a bang, actually. today, two new models join the Iceni range, namely Iceni Magna, which is a fastback variant […]

Volvo Concept Estate

another auto show and the final piece of the puzzle is in place. we are talking about the third in a series of concept cars which Swedish automobile maker Volvo serves up based on the firm’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) and what better way then to wrap it up with an estate aka station wagon after the…

2015 Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake

when it comes to automobile, getting the best of both worlds would mean having performance and the practicality of space. while many exotic cars out there offers sub-5 second performance, practicality such as the ability to ferry more than two persons, or carry a boot load of groceries or even some IKEA furniture, is the least in their…