There’s nothing like the good’ol station wagon. It seats 4-5, has a ton of cargo space and better yet, if it has crazy performance like what most people have anticipated from the all-new Subaru Levorg Prototype STI Sport.

Not a lot is known about this performance version of the all-new Levorg Prototype from STI that was revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020. The new Levorg prototype was officially presented in an event in December 2019.

Anywho, we do know that it will be the first of the Subaru models to feature electronically controlled dampers and another Subaru-first “Drive Mode Select” system. The latter lets you choose the driving characteristics of the vehicle at the push of a button. But that is as much as we know.

Not sure the newly developed turbocharged, direct injection 1.8L horizontally opposed flat-4 engine, aka 4-cylinder boxer engine will remain as 1.8L and how much it will be boosted for this STI variant.

If you read Japanese, perhaps you will be able to pick up more information of it at this official product page HERE. In the mean time, there’s a teaser video of the all-new Subaru Levorg Prototype STI Sport embedded below.

All images courtesy of Subaru Corporation [JP].

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