Uncovered at the recent Singapore Motor Show was this beauty from Subaru that not only begs for attention with its looks but also with the name or acronym, to be precise. Called Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition which acronym, coincidentally or not, happens to be FUCKS.

Notice how we not include the ‘e’ because, that was what the display information details: with the ‘e’ in lower case while the rest, namely, F, U, C, K, S, were all in upper case. Well played, Subaru Singapore, or whoever was behind it.

Subaru Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition

In any case, not a lot is known about this car besides what the video posted by YouTuber glitchFan2428 (filmed by Maxson Goh) has shown.

The resulting controversial acronym sure did steal the thunder from the Forester’s Subaru rally blue paint job with orange-red racing stripes, low slung stance, blacked-out lights, and lime green brake calibers that peeks out from behind the massive, low-profile tire-wrapped 20-inch Enkei alloy wheels.

Subaru Forester Ultimate Customised Kit Special edition

The fact that it was spotted at the so-called official Subaru booth, this might be a handiwork of the automaker itself, but we searched around, it appears that nobody has come forward to claim responsibility for this car that has – by politically correct morale standard – a rather objectionable acronym.

Well, as for us, no fuck is certainly given for the buzz the acronym has created. In fact, we kind of love how it challenged the convention as far as naming goes, intentional or not. And we did have a good laugh.

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Images: YouTube (glitchFan2428).

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