Remember the airship/aircraft hybrid from UK-based aviation company, Hybrid Air Vehicles, Airlander 10? Of course, everyone remembers. Who can forget a giant flying bum, right? Anywho, there’s an important update.

Airlander 10 is a step closer to being materialized. Hybrid Air Vehicles have announced the production Airlander 10.

The updated aircraft now boasts a fuel-saving, lower-drag shape, fuselage along with enhanced landing gear, wider and longer cabin for passengers, cargo, and equipment – among the many other refinements.

Hybrid Air Vehicles Production Airlander 10

These features “will provide the flexibility needed to deliver the unique experiences the commercial market is keen to offer to its customers,” said HAV. On top of that, Airlander 10 will also deliver increased efficiency, producing up to 75% fewer emissions “than comparable aircraft.”

Moreover, HAV is working with Collins Aerospace and the University of Nottingham to develop an electric propulsion for a true zero-carbon aviation. So, there you have it, another piece of the future puzzle has dropped.

Images: Hybrid Air Vehicles.

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