TCL Revealed That It Is Entering The Smartphone Market With EU-only TCL PLEX

TCL is not stranger to making phones, but so far, it is under its other brands like Alcatel and BlackBerry. However, that changes this month when the brand best known for its affordable televisions announced its foray in to making smartphones, starting with a device called TCL PLEX.

TCL Announced All-new Roku TV 8-Series QLED TV With Quantum Contrast Color Technology

If you have been putting off buying an eye-watering big display 4K QLED TV Well because of their prices, well then, here’s a piece of good news from TCL you want to hear about. The electronic goods maker has just revealed the all-new 8-series Quantum Dot (QLED) color technology TVs.

If Anyone’s Interested, The BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition Is Now Available

If anyone’s interested, the BlackBerry KEY2 Red Edition, first announced at the Mobile World Congress 2019, is now available in the U.S. The Red Edition, if you don’t already know, is pretty much the original introduced last year with a few tweaks, including the obvious red colorway treatment. This means you will be treated to […]

Budget TV Maker, TCL, Working On Wrist-wearable Foldable Smartphone

The smartphone industry has seen little to no innovation since its popularization by Apple 12 years ago. Since the first full, colored touch display rolled into the market, things hasn’t change a whole. Sure, we have better display, under display fingerprint sensor, and better cameras, but really, as far as usability, smartphones remain largely the […]

This Is It. It’s The BlackBerry KEY2, An Android Phone With Keyboard In 2018

In case you haven’t heard, BlackBerry is very much alive and it has a new Android device, a follow up to the keyboard-equipped KEYone introduced last June. If you love BlackBerry, you have TCL to thank and if you love keyboard (seriously, who doesn’t, right?), you will dig newly announced KEY2. Before we get into […]

You Won’t Believe How Much The TCL 6 Series 4K HDR Roku TV Costs

We all know how expensive 4K TVs are, but thanks to brands like TCL, getting cutting edge TV no longer need not to be a bank breaker. The brand’s 6 Series 4K HDR Roku TVs is one good example. Granted, it may not be as flexible in entertainment because they are not Android TVs, but […]

TCL Unveiled A New Category Of Sound Bar Called TCL Roku Smart Soundbar

We all know what a sound bar is. But we do not know is, there is an entirely new category of sound bar unveiled by TCL at this year’s CES. This year, sound bar is going smart. You know, like how TV turned smart previously. Teaming up with steaming player maker Roku to introduce a […]

BlackBerry New Keyboard-less Android Device Breaks Cover In Dubai

Good news, diehard fans of BlackBerry, the revived BlackBerry mobile under TCL has finally revealed its second handset in Dubai. Called BlackBerry Motion, this new device offers a BlackBerry tradition-breaking full touchscreen experience and so, yeah, it has no keyboard. Disappointed? Well, wait till you see the specs… Anywho, like the KEYone, it is, of […]

BlackBerry KEYone Android Phone Goes On Sale, Priced At $550

It’s alive! Thanks to TCL, BlackBerry mobile is still kicking around and I am not going to lie, its BlackBerry KEYone Android-powered smartphone is looking pretty dope. First of, there’s no question about aesthetics. It is as good looking as a BlackBerry, but I guess the real draw here is Android. Then again, that’s no […]