TCL is better known for its affordable 4K TV in stateside, but that’s going to change this in 2020 when the brand starts rolling out its TCL-branded smartphones, including the company’s first 5G handset.

TCL 10 5G Smartphone Previewed at CES 2020
TCL 10 5G

TCL is not new to the business of smartphones. Until recently, smartphones are the forte of TCL-owned brands like Alcatel, BlackBerry and Palm. Following the company’s first smartphone, TCL PLEX, announced last September, TCL previewed a new line of handsets.

This lineup includes TCL 10 Pro, TCL 10L and of course, the TCL 10 5G. The trio will be officially launched at the Mobile World Congress next month (February 22) at a press event in Barcelona, Spain. They will subsequently be offered in the U.S. and Canada markets starting in Q2 2020, with starting price of “under $500.”

TCL Smartphones Previewed at CES 2020

With TCL in the business of making smartphone, it will join the handful of smartphone makers that makes their own display. So, yeah, TCL will leverage on its NXTVISION visual technology, as well as TCL-made displays.

The Pro model is expected to be outfitted with edge AMOLED display, while the 5G model will be powered Qualcomm’s recently announced Snapdragon 7-series 5G SoC. Beyond those piecemeal information, we have nothing for you. I guess we will just have to hold out till next month to find out more.

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All images courtesy of TCL.

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