Some sci-fi flicks like IO depicts the future as one where air was so toxic that one cannot get around without a breathing apparatus. While that version of the future is not here (yet), some places are plague with unhealthy level of air pollution that you may need the Aō Air The Atmos Wearable Air Purifier.

The fact is, the air in some parts of the world do warrant for this apocalyptic gear, it should worrisome for mankind.

AO Air The Atmos Wearable Air Purifier

Anyways, Aō Air The Atmos Wearable Air Purifier is many steps up from LG portable air purifier, and damn, it is some futuristic piece of tech that sadly, felt so apocalyptic at the same time. I mean, just imagine a world where breathing apparatus like The Atmos is part of our daily live. That IS apocalyptic.

But how is it different from, say, a 3M N95 mask or a cartridge-based face mask? Well, in some way, I guess you could say they are similar, except that Aō Air The Atmos Wearable Air Purifier has more tech in it.

It uses pre-filter and active nano-filter, along with a system of fans, to actively remove the finest of particles, so you could breath clean air. The said fans adapt to your breathing and they are capable of providing up to 230 liter (8.48 cubic feet) per minute of clean air as you commute across the city.

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A rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers over 5 hours of operation while off-board power option can further extend its usage.

AO Air The Atmos Wearable Air Purifier

What’s creepy about this wearable tech is, it is actually real and that some of us in some parts of the world may actually need it. If you are in a region that calls for a better than regular mask air filtration, you may want to pre-order the Aō Air The Atmos Wearable Air Purifier.

Be warned though. It ain’t cheap. Expect this high-tech wearable air purifier to run you back at $350. Also, it won’t ship until July 2020. So, between now and then, you either has to wear a conventional mask or just brave the pollution.

Images: Aō Air.

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