HEIMPLANET Designed This Special Camping Tent For Audi Q3 Quattro

when you are camping, don’t you ever wished there is a tent that will sort of ‘merge’ with your SUV? while the market is not lacking of solutions for such ‘lavish’ setup, there isn’t one that is truly endorsed by the automobile maker… until now. at this year’s Wörthersee, Audi have a lot to show […]

Eddie Bauer Katabatic 2 Solar Tent

we didn’t quite touch on the Eddie Bauer Katabatic 2 Solar Tent when we featured the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern cos’ we didn’t have much info and most importantly, we didn’t have at least a decent image to show. now that we have more info, we thought we should be talking about it, cos’ we didn’t have much info and

MINI Getaway Cars: Camper, Cowley and ALL4 Camp

MINI isn’t the car anyone would associate with a camping adventure, but that doesn’t discourage the German-own British automaker to propose you do so with their MINIs. these getaway concepts are not new. we have seen one such example, the MINI Clubvan Concept, last year but since there ain’t no new cars to

BMW Motorsport Tent

love camping over at motorsport events? well, here’s a tent that will make look the part at those gas-burning parties. it is a tent from BMW Motorsport, introduced as part of the Munich-based automaker’s Motorsport Collection. the BMW Motorsport Tent, as it is officially known as, features a PU-coated polyester construction and taped seams for water resistant

Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Ultralight Tent

the last thing any camping enthusiasts or explorers want in a camp trip is to be weighted down by the all-important tent. it may not be an option in the past, but now, with Sierra Designs Mojo UFO Ultralight Tent, camping light seems to be a possibility after all. looking like a tent that secret government agencies would

HEMIPLANET The Wedge Inflatable Tent

while camping might be fun, setting up a traditional tent is anything but. this is where a tent such as the HEMIPLANET The Wedge Inflatable Tent will take that ‘pain’ out of your camping experience. the concept of an inflatable, pole-less tent was first introduced some two years ago by HEMIPLANET with the inflatable 2-3 person tent dubbed

MINI Clubvan Concept

honestly, we are not a fan of camping in the wilderness cos’ we don’t like the idea of piloting a huge camper across the country and plus, we are not as comfortable with large vehicles as we are with small compacts. that’s where the MINI Clubvan Concept, a MINI…