Airstream Land Yacht Trailer

long for a luxurious seafaring yacht, but can’t shake off your fear for the unforgiving open water? then the Airstream Land Yacht Trailer might just be right up your alley. measuring a good 28 feet long and sporting Airstream’s trademark clean aluminum exterior, this majestic trailer incorporates design elements found in luxury yacht, such as high-luster teak

Bulleit Woody Tailgate Trailer

is your love (read: obsession) for whiskey is over the top? well, then we have a bad news for you: it is going to get worst, if you managed to lay your hands on this beautiful, retro-chic Bulleit Woody Tailgate Tailer, presented to you by America’s fastest growing whiskey brands Bulleit Distilling Company. America top designer Brad Ford lent his expertise on the design…

Ridekick turns any pedal bike into an electric bike [video]

pedaling your way to your local convenience store is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint but then, you’d be doing it at the expense of aching legs. if you are one that doesn’t enjoy that excruciating process, perhaps you should consider turning to electric bicycle. then again, it might just be too hard to part with your trusty bike and that…

going hiking? get MONOWALKER to tow your backpack

avid hikers will understand the weight of the package one has to carry during a hiking trip. this weight we talked about is not reserved just for hikers. scientists, photographers, hunters and climbers alike, have similar load burden issue when they are out and about carrying out their duties. understanding this load issue, German firm