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Satechi Premium Aluminum USB Hub

Satechi Premium Aluminum USB Hub
Satechi Premium Aluminum USB Hub | US$24.99 | www.satechi.net

most Mac users face the same age old problem: not enough USB ports to go around for all your lovely gadgets and peripherals. for those who aren’t concern about style, that’s no biggie. you can just grab any USB hub off the stores, no problem at all but this issue has a more profound effect if you are one of the style-conscious folks. then again, if you are using a Mac, chances are, you (unconsciously or not) is one of the many style-aficionados. in this case, we would think the Satechi Premium Aluminum USB Hub would fit the style-bill perfectly. Continue reading Satechi Premium Aluminum USB Hub

USB Power Strip

USB Power Strip
(photos: ThinkGeek) USB Power Strip | US$9.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

21st century geeks face a new set of problem – a problem that is more frightening than the rumored apocalypse and that problem is the lack of USB ports for all the gadgets. it is an awful thing, really. imagine having to get up from your cosy $700 chair and do that unthinkable stretch to the rear of the computer to remove a couple of USB devices so that the rest (or at least, a few) could go in. first, it is an exercise of epic proportion and second, other devices still need to be attached to your comp. Continue reading USB Power Strip

Space Bar – computer shelf with USB hub

Space Bar
(photos: Quirky) Space Bar | US$79.90 | www.quirky.com

what’s the biggest problem with today’s desk? small real estate with too many USB-powered gadgets to hook up and that prompt us to opt all-in-one computer like the iMac in hope to reduce our clutter. however, think we could do better if we have the Space Bar. so what’s exactly is a Space Bar? no. it is not the spacebar you find on your keyboard but it is an elegant, low shelf crafted from aluminum in brush finish designed for your AIO computer. the benefit from raising your AIO a little up gives you more space to stow away your keyboard and mouse when not in use, thus giving you more usable desk space when needed and it also gives you a clutter free environment. Continue reading Space Bar – computer shelf with USB hub

LaCie LaPlug – data sharing wirelessly at home or on the go

LaCie LaPlug 630x450px
(image: LaCie) LaCie LaPlug | US$74.99 | www.lacie.com

most of us would have at least one USB flash drive or portable hard drive but in order to access the same external storage from different computers in your home network, it would require you to do the plug and unplug process every time you switch to a different computer. that said, LaCie has a pretty nifty solution that could make life a little easier, though not that life is any harder as it is but it should make life’s process a wee more efficient. the LaCie LaPlug, as it is called, is a wireless USB hub that allows user to connect up to four USB storage to it and thus, transforming the USB flash drive or portable hard drive into a network attached storage (NAS). once plugged in, the USB flash drive or portable hard drive will be available wirelessly to all computers on the network. it also offers on-the-road access though a simple entry on your web browser URL with a custom LaPlug URL. Continue reading LaCie LaPlug – data sharing wirelessly at home or on the go

if Apple has an USB Hub, it would probably look like this

iHub USB hub 544x368px
(image credit: M.I.C.Gadget) iHub USB Hub | US$6.00 | store.micgadget.com

there is something missing from the numerous official Apple peripherals and accessories, and that’s the USB hub. being an Apple fanboy, you probably been lamenting why Apple doesn’t has Apple-branded USB hubs. fret not. Apple doesn’t have, but the knock-off Apple has it! introducing the iHub, a 4-port USB hub with plastic enclosure complete with a glowing Apple logo. we wouldn’t call it a knock-off since Apple doesn’t really has USB hubs in their product line. well, the use of the official Apple logo is altogether another matter.

looks pretty cool. the iHub only cost $6 and is available via M.I.C.Gadget Store.

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iHub USB hub - black 600x440px iHub USB hub - white 600x440px