Super fans of Evangelion is going to appreciate Tops Electroys Evangelion Unit-01 USB Hub. That’s right. Unit-01 has gone beyond action figures, model kit, and plushies.

Tops Electroys Evangelion Unit-01 USB Hub

Very fitting for the high-tech nature of Evangelion, IMHO, just like the mobile game controller.

Hopefully, there isn’t any biological matter lurking underneath… just kidding, there’s nothing of that nature in it; it is just a good’ol USB hub presented as an officially licensed EVA Unit-01’s bust.

It’s not big though, measuring just 90 mm (3.5 inches) tall.

All told, the Tops Electroys Evangelion Unit-01 USB Hub has six ports, which comprise of 3x USB-A interface USB 3.0 ports and 3x USB-C ports.

Tops Electroys Evangelion Unit-01 USB Hub

Six ports are plenty, except that out of the six, two are output ports. This effectively make this a 4-port USB hub. A USB 3.0 and a USB-C port on each side and around the back.

Interestingly, the two ports on the back are output ports. So, yeah, this USB hub actually has two output ports, which means you can choose which interface to use for hooking up to your computer.

No power-related specifications were provided for those USB ports, however.

Speaking of power… apparently it has light-up effect (in the eyes) when the USB hub is plugged in. Snazzy.

Tops Electroys Evangelion Unit-01 USB Hub

The Tops Electroys Evangelion Unit-01 USB Hub will hit the market in Japan for 6,578 yen (about 61 American dollars). is accepting pre-order for the product as we speak.

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Images: Studio Khara/Union Creative [JP].

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