China Revealed The World’s First Combat Amphibious Drone

You have seen and read about the military’s seafaring drones, AKA unmanned sea vehicles or USV, and I am sure most of us are aware of land-roaming drones. Now, meet one that is both an unmanned sea vehicle and a land combat drone from China called Marine Lizard. It is a full-fledged drone outfitted with […]

Festo Has Created A Robotic Fish That Swims Using Undulating Fins

These days, biomimicry is a big thing for Germany’s industrial control and automation company Festo. This eel-like robotic fish you see here, called BionicFinWave, is one of its newest robot in the company’s study into biomimicry and man, it is pretty darn creepy! Seriously, why do need to give them eyes? It has a camera […]

Look, Another Underwater Drone, But This One Is The First To Record In 4K

Claiming itself as a professional-grade Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), CCROV is indeed the first of its kind to offer 4K videoing capability. Unlike iBubble we saw earlier, this thing appears to be ready to get into the ocean and also, offered a much deeper depth of dive, going as deep down as 100 meters (328 […]

This Is iBubble, The Underwater Equivalent Of An Aerial Imaging Drone

Sporting action footages on land and on the surface of a waterbody are covered by imaging drones, but what about underwater? Well, it is covered too, by this little guy called iBubble Autonomous Underwater Camera – the underwater equivalent of a personal aerial imaging drone. iBubble is propelled by no less than eight brushless motors, […]

Seawolf VR360 Lets You Capture Underwater Scenery In 360-Degree

Too afraid of the deep blue to explore them? Lucky for those who have a love and hate relationship with the majestic ocean, there’s Google to satisfy your curiosity of what lies beneath the beautiful, blue surface. But that’s not the only way; you can choose to acquire a personal sub to do that if […]

Boeing New Autonomous Submarine Can Stay Submerged For Months

Boeing is most notable for commercial and military aircraft, but unbeknownst to some, it also dabbles in watercraft, specifically underwater systems, for over 50 years now. The company’s latest development is a 51-foot Echo Voyager, an unmanned undersea vehicle, that’s design to operate autonomously for months on end. Prior to Echo Voyager, Boeing has two […]

Seawolf Will Take Your GoPro 10m Deep into the Ocean to Capture Underwater Footages

GoPro has seen wide applications, but one place it hasn’t quite been to is the deep blue sea. Not surprisingly cos’ not everyone is keen in taking the dive to capture some awesome underwater footages. However, with the TTRobotix TTR-SB Seawolf Submarine for GoPro, the world’s most used action camera can finally reach deep into […]

U.S. Navy’s New Underwater Robot Takes On The Likeness of a Shark and Behaves Like One Too

When you are spying on someone (not that you should, really), the last thing you want is to spook your subject with the obvious. That said, we can see why some military is so keen in developing intelligence-gathering unmanned vehicle in the likeness animals. Ok, may be such biomimicry is not solely for deception; it […]