Kill Kat Vinyl Figure Is Probably The Most Evil Kit Kat Of All

Evil exists in many forms. Some are obvious, but some like junk food are not immediately apparent. The Kill Kat Vinyl Figure you see here makes it obvious. If the name Kill Kat is not being apparent enough, then the six inches tall conjoined candy evil twin faces should. Oh, those are too cute? What […]

Fools Paradise Reimagines Wolverine Playing Arcade And It’s Super Adorable

Do you love caricatures? If yes, do you also love X-Men’s Wolverine? Well, if that’s a yes too, then you won’t want to miss Hong Kong-based vinyl figure maker Fools Paradise’s latest work featuring none other than Logan AKA Wolverine. Entitled Lowfool vs Lowfool EP2: Wolfool X, it follows the Lowfool vs Lowfool series theme […]

Lowfool ‘Iron Man’ Heats Up Comic Legend Stan Lee’s Full Chicken Food

Fans of Iron Man and comics legend Stan Lee may want to check this vinyl figure set out. Coming from Hong Kong-based Fools Paradise, I Won’t Be A Robot, Lee Vinyl Figure Set, as it is called, features a Fools signature caricature-style character Lowfool in ‘Tony Stark’ guise in a half Iron Man suit, accompanied […]

Fools Paradise: Is Bane Sulking Over The Melted Ice Cream He Can’t Eat?

You know what is the greatest pain Batman’s arch nemesis, Bane, experiences? Probably not the gas mask that he wear to continuously suppresses his excruciating pain; it is probably how he have to witness an ice cream melting before him because he can’t eat it (because of the mask). Ok. I get it. That’s a […]

Gangnam Style PSY Pop! Vinyl Figure

at this point, the latest Internet sensation PSY should be no stranger to the Internet community – thanks to his hit song ‘Gangnam Style‘ that has hogged the iTunes most downloaded chart’s top spot for the longest time that we can remember. along with PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style‘ is the accompanying bold and provocative music video that features the Korean dude’s…

ASIA MiniGod Designer Vinyl Speaker

there are speakers and there are cool speakers, and depending on your music inclination, sometime you’d trade off a little audiophile enjoyment for a speaker that’s aesthetically cooler or perhaps, for one that don’t even look like a speaker at all. the ASIA MiniGod Designer Vinyl Speaker is one such speaker if you are considering about listening out of the box…