Oculus Go VR Headset Is Standalone, Needs No PC Or Smartphone To VR

This is it. Finally, VR experience will be truly tether- and interruption-free, and affordable – all at the same time come 2018 when the newly-announced $199 Oculus Go becomes available. With Go, you need no PC nor smartphone to immerse yourself in over 1,000 VR games, social apps, 360 experiences and more. It is about […]

New Gadgets From Google To Coax Money Out Of Your Wallet

Google Pixel 2 is no doubt the highlight of Google’s October 4 event, but apart from the drool worthy smartphone, Google has also announced several noteworthy gadgets and these include a mini version of Google Home called, well, Google Home Mini, a super sized Google Home called Max, a new Pixelbook, an updated Daydream View, […]

SIEA Introduced New PS VR Bundle, Slashes PS VR Worlds Bundle Price

VR is the future of gaming and if you have not hop onboard the VR bandwagon already because of the somewhat prohibitive pricing, Sony Playstation is giving you a reason to do so. Well, almost. Sony Interactive Entertainment America has announced a new Playstation VR bundle which includes the Playstation VR headset and Playstation Camera […]

Finally, A VR Headset That Is Truly Designed To Be On-The-Go

Before Apple’s patented eyewear-style VR headset becomes a reality, VR headsets will remain as the cumbersome device you have come to know, but not if Swedish startup Mobile VR Sweden can help it. Mobile VR Sweden has developed a VR Headset called Moggles that not only works with any smartphone of up to 6.0-inch, but […]

Google Lens And WorldSense Standalone VR Headsets Announced

Well, what do you know? Using your phone’s camera is going to even more fulfilling soon. No. We are not talking about new selfie technology that will make you look prettier (although that can be deemed fulfilling too); it is a lot more than that. It is a new vision-based computing capability found in a […]

Apple Granted Patent For ‘Slim’ Eyewear-style Virtual Reality Headset

Apple, who seems to be always late in the game, somehow managed to sell technologies which others had a head start. Virtual reality is one example, though it will be a while before Apple’s iteration of VR headset will hit the streets since it has just granted a new patent for “Head-mounted Display Apparatus For […]

Here Are Some Drool Worthy Gadgets Made By Google

Today is officially the Made by Google day. Along with the unveiling of the company’s very first smartphone, Pixel, the search giant also announced a bunch of drool worthy gadgets aim to make your life a little more, well, high-tech. The slew of Made by Google gadgets include Google’s official foray in to the world […]

No Computer Needed: Qualcomm Snapdragon Reference VR Headset

At this present moment, if there’s one VR headset that can be considered most advanced, it would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon VR820 Reference Platform. For starter, VR820 is self-contained unit. This means it needs no smartphone or computer, for that matter, to function cos’ itself is the computer. Under the hood, is a custom-designed 64-bit […]

This Pair Of ‘Sunglasses’ Is Actually A Virtual Reality Headset

When mobile phone first appeared, consumers were fine by the water bottle-size communication gadget despite it being rather unsightly and cumbersome. Nevertheless, we lived with it. Having said that, I guess the same could apply to VR headset. For now, we are fine with donning a rectangular box on our face, but perhaps, like mobile […]

Acer Joined Forces With Starbreeze To Create VR Headset For Theme Parks

While VR headset makers are busy peddling the hardware for gaming, Acer has joined forces with Starbreeze to developed a “high-end” version designed for use in arcades and theme parks. We have already seen Samsung doing that to create a more immersive (if not nauseating) roller coaster experience, but unlike the South Korea electronics giant […]