If you’re organizing a special party for a friend or family member who is getting married or has a birthday coming up, you want to make it as enjoyable as possible for them and all the guests. That can be something of a challenge if you have a group of people with different interests and abilities, so how do you throw a party that’s both memorable and out of the ordinary? Well for tech lovers, there are a number of ways you can use gadgets, games, and themes to make the party go with a swing.

Pre-party Activities

Pre-party activities
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The current trend is to go for experiences rather than possessions, so with that in mind, you could organize an activity prior to the party itself. For example, you could have a kite-flying, drone, or remote-control vehicle contest where participants have to race each other or do battle with their gadgets. You can hire the equipment for anyone who doesn’t have their own, and if you have some hard-core players and some newbies, they can be divided into teams to make the contest fairer.

If the group enjoys physical activity as well as playing with tech, you could go on a geocaching expedition, using GPS devices to find hidden treasure and having a friendly competition to see who can find the most caches for instance. If you prefer to stay indoors, how about a gaming challenge using a multiplayer or online platform so everyone can get involved?

Taking a Trip

Taking a trip
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If you have the time and everyone is amenable, you could organize a day trip or weekend away to a convention, tech show, or whatever kind of event the party-goers will enjoy. If comic books and science fiction are passions in your lives, a visit to Comic-Con would be an ideal day out. You could add to the fun by taking part in the cosplay competition; maybe all go as characters from one show, like Game of Thrones, or all dressing as your favorite superhero.

However, if you all have a more serious frame of mind, there are museums and exhibitions that have the most amazing displays and interactive experiences on offer. Alternatively, you could opt for a laser tag or paintball day, or try and solve the mysteries of a breakout game, where you must solve a series of puzzles in order to make your escape.

Making Memories

Making memories
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Whatever option you decide on for your pre-party activity or your trip away, you want to have a reminder of the occasion, so taking plenty of photos is a given. If you get a good collection of shots, you could amalgamate the best ones into a printed book or eBook, or simply add them as an album on your social media pages, including the description of where you were and what was going on. This acts as a permanent record of a special occasion and lets you share the day with a wider audience.

You could also get some personalized items that commemorate the event, for example, T-shirts, key-rings, mugs and so on with the dates and details of the celebration printed on them. If you browse through the lists of promotional products available online, you’ll be amazed at how many choices there are for personalized items. Having something that records the event will keep it fresh in everyone’s minds and makes the whole experience that much more special.

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Tech-themed Parties

Tech-themed parties
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The trip away or experience day may be an important part of the celebrations, but you could well still want to have a party too. This provides an opportunity to gather together all the people who couldn’t take part in the other activities, which could be important if you only had room for a limited number of participants in the pre-party activities. The approach you take will depend on where the interests of your tech-loving friend lay. For instance, you might want to make it a fancy-dress or cosplay party, where everyone comes as an object or character related to a given theme such as Star Wars, World of Warcraft, or maybe great scientists and inventors from history. You could gather together a collection of new gadgets for people to play with, or put on a spectacular light show or laser display.

Tech Food and Drink

Tech food and drink
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The cake is going to be the centerpiece of your catering efforts, and it’s something you can really go to town on. If you know someone with talents in that direction, or you can afford to pay for a professionally crafted cake, you can have pretty much any kind of design you like. You could have a Starship Enterprise cake, a Millennium Falcon cake, or take it micro and create a cake that looks like an atom or electron. Or you could go for a cake that looks like the recipient’s favorite piece of tech – although a cake that resembles a drone could be a bit of a challenge!

Drinks could be multi-colored, and you could use some harmless chemistry techniques to get them to fizz or give off clouds or vapor. When it comes to the party food, you could think up some clever names for normal looking food, like calling the cookies “flying saucers.” You could use templates to cut the food into tech-related shapes such as sandwiches in the shape of bats; or decorate them appropriately, e.g., use the Apple symbol to top the cupcakes.

Every little touch that gives the party or gathering a personal feel helps your friend or relation feel special, and they will appreciate that you have put a lot of thought and effort into their day. You’ll need to know the particular interests of the person for whom you’re throwing the party because you don’t want to make the mistake of referencing Microsoft if they’re an Apple fanatic, or using a Spiderman theme when they prefer Batman. You can always get advice and input from all their other friends or members of the family who know them well. In fact, to prepare the most enjoyable and memorable event, involving other people will help you achieve the results you’re looking for, as well as sharing the workload.

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