There are a bunch of inconveniences in life that we learnt to put up with and seeing in horror a cut or bitten apple turning brown is one of them, but that won’t be the case with Arctic Apples because the outfit has succeeded in genetically modifiying apple to put a stop to browning. Before you throw your hands up in disrepair about how a lovely fruit had turned into a processed fruit, you have to know two things: first, it is not processed fruit and second, it is completely harmless to human. You see, what enables the browning in apples is when a thing called polyphenolics oxidase, or PPO, found in one part of cell of an apple mixes with polyphenolics in another cell.

Arctic Apples Non-browning Sliced Apples
“Silencing” the PPO stops Arctic Apples from browning

The mixing is the result of cutting, biting, or bruising. So what scientists at Arctic Apples did was removing the culprit of browning, which according to the organization, has no consequential effect the apples’ taste and flavor, nor will it have any effect on our health (since nothing has been added, really). Apparently, unlike tomato which use its high levels of PPO as a defense mechanism against pests and pathogens, the existence of PPO in apples does nothing at all, according to Arctic Apples. That, couple with the fact that the level of PPO is very low, prompted Arctic Apples’ science team to explore the possibility of eliminating this pesky element.

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Though, Arctic scientists concede that PPO does contain antioxidants which human body needs, however they stressed that since little is known on how much of this phenolics our body actually required it may very well be non-consquential. So, there you have it. The age-old nuisance of browning apple completely gone, forever. Perhaps more importantly is, this is not a still lab test thing; non-browning apple (specifically, the sliced Golden Delicious) will go on sale next month in select midwestern U.S. stores.

Arctic Apples Non-browning Sliced Apples
This is non-browning Golden Delicious hitting the U.S. market

All images courtesy of Arctic Apples.

Arctic Apples via Engadget

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