In the last year and a half, the business industry saw a rise in the number of small businesses and start-up organizations in the UK. People began running their own businesses from home and switched their day-job for a new entrepreneurial adventure. You need to be a good leader to run a successful and growing company.

There are a few core qualities that every leader should learn and practice.


A good leader shouldn’t take shortcuts and make promises they can’t keep. It’s essential to be honest with your team, especially with the senior members, so they can trust and look up to you. Do not compromise your principles and core values as a company for an easy win. Sometimes the most challenging routes to success are far more rewarding in the long run. Try to stay morally grounded and lean on your seasoned team members for advice.


Your team should be able to rely on you to make responsible and successful decisions. If you’re new to leadership, you may struggle to be open and honest with your team – especially if you are still building professional relationships. Consider enrolling in a leadership development program to build yourself into a better boss and business owner.

Encourage innovation

Innovation should be at the heart of any company. After all, you are here to grow, learn and improve your product or service. The best way to encourage innovation is to hire a team with a flexible mindset and genuine interest in what you do. Your employees should know the industry inside out and have a passion for the sector you’re in.

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Determination and persistence play a big role in the art of innovation. You need to push past the challenges of the industry to find the best idea possible. Host idea workshops and discussions to get everyone in your team involved.

The environment we work within can have a big impact on your creativity and motivation levels. Consider revamping your office space with fresh plants, whiteboards, colourful paint and thought-provoking areas. A creative space can help your team foster new ideas and feel comfortable in sharing them.


You can’t be a leader without communication skills. You need to communicate with a wide range of people from different backgrounds, roles, social identities and much more. Actively listen to someone when they are talking and engage with their ideas. Those with the best ideas may be in entry-level positions or the most senior of roles. Communicate with everyone in your team and listen!


Emotional intelligence can help you lead a team wisely and successfully. Sometimes life happens, and our personal lives can infiltrate our professional work. Show empathy for employees who are struggling at the moment and ask them how you can help.

Leadership is a tricky skill to hone and one that needs constant practice and revision.

Featured image: Pixabay (Miguel A. Padrinan).

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