The road of an Olympian is no walk in the park. That, plus the risk of contracting COVID-19 makes an athlete competing in the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games less than glamorous.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Video Game
Compete as Sonic the Hedgehog or…

Thankfully, you can skip the leg days (or whatever body part days) and avoid coronavirus altogether by competing in the virtual Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – The Official Video Game.

The video game, which was jointly revealed by Sega of America and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) earlier today, features 18 arcade-style Olympic competitions, as well as an extensive avatar creator and customization options that include over 50 costumes.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Video Game
Sprint down the track as an astronaut.

Basically, you can dressed up and compete as any one, be it an astronaut or a pirate, or even as Sonic the Hedgehog and the official Olympic mascot Miraitowa. The choice is yours.

To make it feel more like a real competitions, the game further features an online mode where up to 8 virtual athletes can go head to head with each other. Additionally, you will be able to form your own team with your real world friends.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Video Game

The 18 arcade-style competitions include 100 m, long jump, basketball, table tennis, sevens rugby, sport climbing, tennis et cetera. Training is, however, required, but rest assure you shouldn’t need to break any sweat.

To further the realism, the video game boasts realistic replicas of the actual Tokyo 2020 venues, including the Olympic Stadium.

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The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – The Official Video Game is available today for multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and on Steam and Google Stadia for US$39.99.

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Images: Sega of America.

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