Are you interested in getting a piercing? If you answered yes, a good choice for your first one is an industrial bar. This is a fascinating type of piercing. Not only can it change colors, but it looks good in any situation. Knowing what to expect from an industrial bar piercing can make your first time less stressful. If you’re curious about having one, read on. In this guide, we’ll list the basics of it.

The Basics Of Industrial Bar Piercing: Everything You Need To Know
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What Is An Industrial Bar Piercing?

An industrial bar piercing is a unique ear piercing with two punctures in the upper ear cartilage. It’s connected by a single straight barbell, resembling scaffolding.

This style is also known as a scaffold or construction piercing. Industrial piercings offer a creative platform for various jewelry styles and placements, contributing to their growing popularity among body modification enthusiasts.

The Basics Of Industrial Bar Piercing: Everything You Need To Know
Image by macrovector on Freepik.

The Piercing Procedure

The ear piercing procedure is more complex than a standard ear piercing. It takes around 10-15 minutes and requires a professional piercer. They will clean and mark the areas to be pierced, then use a hollow needle to create two holes and insert the jewelry.

The piercing is usually done at a 14-gauge size, but this can vary based on personal preference and ear anatomy. Don’t worry if you experience sharp pain during the process – it’s normal.

Pain And Healing Process

Like other piercings, the pain level of an industrial piercing varies. Some find it mildly uncomfortable, while others experience more pain due to thicker cartilage. Afterward, expect soreness, swelling, and redness, with the healing process taking 3 to 12 months. Avoid changing the industrial barbell until it has fully healed.

Aftercare And Hygiene

Aftercare is crucial for any piercing, particularly for industrial piercings due to their longer healing time. Clean the area twice a day with a saline solution. Avoid touching your piercing with unclean hands and refrain from twisting or moving your barbell.

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If you notice any signs of infection such as excessive redness, swelling, or discharge, seek medical advice promptly. Remember, good hygiene practices will help ensure your industrial bar piercing heals correctly and without complications.

Jewelry Options And Styles

For an industrial piercing, a straight barbell is the standard piece of jewelry. However, unique barbells in different designs, materials, and finishes can greatly impact the look of your piercing.

Selecting the right jewelry option is about aesthetics, comfort, and safety. Opt for hypoallergenic materials like titanium or surgical steel to prevent allergic reactions.

Potential Risks And Complications

No piercing is without risks. The most common complications associated with industrial piercings include infection, rejection, and migration. Factors like poor aftercare, improper placement, or low-quality jewelry can increase these risks.

Always consult a professional piercer to discuss these potential risks before committing to the procedure. Your health should be the top priority in your tattoo and body piercing journey.

Exploring The Unique And Stylish Aspects Of Industrial Bar Piercing

An industrial bar piercing can be a stylish and unique addition to your style. However, like any body modification, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Being well-informed about the procedure, aftercare, and potential risks is crucial.

Remember to always consult a professional, prioritize aftercare, and listen to your body. With these tips and information, you’re well on your way to an industrial bar piercing that you’ll love.

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