depending on how much you love beers, especially the bottled ones, you may want to get to know the Brew Clip that brings together a wallet and a bottle opener. that’s like a no brainer, no? you need the cash (or cards) to grab the brew, and hence Brew Clip seems like the logical solution. not that we encourage you to pop open the bottles right there and then, but it is good to have if (1) you haven’t already know how to pop open a bottle using your teeth, and (2) you longed to get rid of the bulge in your back pocket. let’s face it: given a wallet, you are bound to pack it up with loads of unnecessary stuff, you know, receipts, lottery tickets and all that jazz. with the Brew Clip, you learn to keep things to the minimal with just the necessary cash and cards. we are sure your understand that lottery tickets and receipts can’t buy you booze, right? the Brew Clip features a stainless steel slide-out bottle opener and on one side, a trusty clip for your bills and cards – well, it’s just that simple and totally functional that we don’t know what else we could detail. the Brew Clip is currently on Kickstarter seeking out your support and to secure yourself one, all you have to do is to make a pledge of just $29 or more (btw, they already reach their funding goal. so you will be sure to get yours). simple, again. shipment is expected to be sometime in September. check out a very informercial pledge video after the break.

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