the color of sound: Yamaha MCR-140 Micro Component System

Yamaha MCR-140 Micro Component System 544px
(photo source: Yamaha MCR-140 | US$399.95 |

it’s hard not to integrate an iPod dock into any speaker system these days. there are probably more iPod roaming around then human beings… how’s that possible? ok, maybe i was exaggerating. the truth is there: iPod is everywhere.
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in anyway, the Yamaha MCR-140 micro component system did not escape the iPod dock implementation too but with the added benefit of yAired aka Yamaha original wireless technology. the yAired enable users to play music from the iPod on your MCR-140, wirelessly. there’s no need to dock the iPod to the system.

to further stand out, it comes in 10 hues. aside from iPod dock, it has a CD player that supports CD digital audio text and an USB port to play your music from USB flash drive. what i like about the MCR-140 is the industrial-type design which looks all so cool. don’t you think so?

Yamaha MCR-140WH: white 544px
Yamaha MCR-140WH: white
Yamaha MCR-140OR: orange 544px
Yamaha MCR-140OR: orange (TOP view)

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