knives are made of steel, which is fact that will never change for next few decades or so. ceramic knives did made an attempt to usurp the throne reigned by steel (carbon included) but to no avail. so, our question is: will a set of knives crafted from maple wood (leaving just the slicing edge as steel) such as The Federal Maple Set Knives, make the cut? we really don’t know but we kind of dig the idea. guess it is mainly due to fact that there isn’t exciting coming out of the knife cohort and hence, when one is crafted from a single slab of maple wood that extends from the handle to the knife body, appears to be a beautiful proposition and at this point, we couldn’t care less if it will slice and dice as well like its steel counterpart. the wood is sealed and food safe to allow for ease of cleaning up. it is said that the sharp steel edge is actually double the width (or should it be height?) of what you actually sees with the rest of the steel being buried inside the maple wood, ensuring it stays in place during use. how well it will work out, again, is anybody’s guess. since the Maple Set Knives are crafted mainly from wood, it should be extremely light, however, its designer did not explicitly claim that but instead, touted that the knives’ weight “is balanced” thus ensuring that “they can be used by any level of chef.” aesthetically speaking, there should be nothing we don’t like about maple wood as the major material of a knife that’s supposed to cut but can’t say the same for the functionality. sure, it will definitely cuts but just how well is, like we said, anybody’s guess. the Federal Maple Set Knives is currently still at its prototype stage and sadly (or not), its designer has no plans for production anytime soon. but fear not, we have some imageries as consolations, which you can find after the break.

The Federal via Cool Things

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