the concept of ‘magic wallet’ is not new at all but a duo, Tim and Alexandra, is offering a new take of this ‘classic’ and intriguing, minimalist wallet with, well you guessed it, The Magic Wallet. vying for a share in the wallet market, let alone minimalist wallet arena, is a tough call, however, we thought The Magic Wallet (though bearing a rather ‘generic’ product name) stands out with its material, design and security function. its aircraft-grade aluminum (that’s 6061 for you geeks) is put through sandblasting and anodized for that ‘futuristic’ look and comes in a choice of top covering including carbon fiber, natural leather and special anodized aluminum plates suitable for printing. so whether are going for the classic stylish look or simple want to shout out your individuality by putting your own graphics or even your instagram photos on The Magic Wallet, Tim and Alex have you covered. on the inside, you will find specially developed silicon bands that will hold your bills and cards securely. additionally, The Magic Wallet offers you peace of mind in terms of ‘modern’ security by being 100% RFID-proof, which means your cards with sensitive information will be safe within and you don’t have to worry about their details being swipe away unscrupulously. you can secure your Magic Wallet via Kickstarter for a pledge of $45 or more for the ‘original wallet’ in either black or white. check out a pledge video below to learn more about The Magic Wallet.

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