While Disney Research is working on a room that charges your phone wirelessly, a start up in Columbia University Startup Lab called Yank Technologies already has a true wireless charging solution ready for your acquisition. When we talk about ’true wireless charging’, we do mean truly wireless, i.e. completely tether-free, i.e. induction charging is not it. Induction charging is the best we have today as far as wireless charging goes, but it requires your phone to be placed on an induction pad which is not exactly ideal because the phone has to be placed on charging pad and in a specific alignment. However, with Yank Technologies’ product, called The MotherBox, it offers a field, much like a force field if you will, that charges your device without restricting your movement.

The problem with true wireless charging, as Disney Research has found was, the device to be charged has to be at a correct orientation in order for charge to flow, but The MotherBox overcame this issue with a patented three-dimensional phase coil arrays that distribute the magnetic field through all three planes. Coupled with the company’s dynamic matching networks and algorithms, the three dimensional fields can then be guided to the device and hence, initiating the charging process. The folks over Yank Technologies not only has it all figured out but also demoed the prototype:

The MotherBox sure sounds like a future tech come true isn’t it? Well, it sure is and I’d be lying if I say I am not excited. With The MotherBox, your device is not restricted to a charging pad which allows you to continue to use the phone as it is being juiced and obviously, you will have power on demand, as soon as your devices are within range. And yes. We use plural for ‘device’ because, in a true future tech fashion, this orb shaped device is totally capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously. The coolest thing about The MotherBox is, it is available for pre-order and if everything goes as planned, you will be receiving this future charging device as soon as September 2017.

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Two models are being introduced through Yank Technologies’ Indiegogo campaign: a portable variety called The MotherBox Mini that packs a whopping 7,000 mAh battery and a desktop version, refer to as The MotherBox. Despite packing leading edge tech, the duo is surprisingly relatively inexpensive with the The MotherBox Mini going for $99 and The MotherBox $89. Or you could bag both for a little saving at $169. Or you could learn more about it in the video below.

Images courtesy of Yank Technologies.

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