The Orbit Turntable by U-Turn Audio

The Orbit Turntable by U-Turn Audio
unlike CDs, the sound from your vinyl records can turn out cold and crude or warm and sweet, depending on how good is your turntable. every vinyl record aficionados will tell you that the difference between a sweet tune and poor sound of a vinyl record is just a turntable away and it is not just the cartridge that matters – everything from the plinth to its construction to the motor used can break or make the audio. now, unless you have extremely deep pockets, getting one of those high-end record turntable for quality sound is most certainly prohibitive to most mortals (we included). that’s where The Orbit Turntable by U-Turn Audio comes in. it is a turntable, (re)engineered with audiophile-grade components and high quality materials for that warm sound reproduction and yet not breaking your bank balances. features include a low-resonance machined MDF platter, unipivot tonearm, AC synchronous motor, fully manual belt-drive with two-speed pulley (selectable between 33 and 45 RPM), unique rubber suspension system, inverted main bearing, removable dustcover, pre-mounted Ortofon MM cartridge and last but not least, vibration damping feet. The Orbit Turntable by U-Turn Audio is currently on Kickstarter seeking your support and for a pledge of $150 or more, you can secure one for yourself with shipping expected to be in May 2013. check out a pledge video after the break.

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