the world’s biggest earphones is 500x its original size

Fred & Friends 500XL main 544x544px
(image credit: Fred & Friends) Fred & Friends 500XL earbuds speakers | US$64.00 |

this earbuds must have been zapped by the fantastic blow-me-up ray gun and became 500 times bigger than its original size. luckily, the 3.5-mm jack escapes the wrath of the ray gun and remains as, well, 3.5-mm jacket so we could use the oversize earbuds as a desktop speakers instead. nah, we are just making it up.

this isn’t really a pair of earbuds but a pair of computer speakers shaped like the earbuds. we all know that nobody on earth have such an enormous ears, however deploy this as your desktop speakers and it could be an excellent conversational piece. the 500XL features a built-in amp and three-way power: it runs on batteries, USB power with the supplied cable or plug to the wall power socket (power cable not included). no tech specs were given cos’ the novelty-factor just overran it.

the 500XL ‘really BIG sound’ speakers cost just $64 a pop and is available over and other major online retail stores.

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