Three Quick Tips For Buying A Second Hand Smartphone

It is impossible to deny the sheer joy that comes with the purchasing of a brand new smartphone. An indulgent act of retail therapy, the rush to peel away the security sticker and uncover a box-fresh smartphone, complete with accessories and manuals, untouched, unblemished, and ready for you to set up. This joy, however, is an expensive one. And as the cost of mobile phones skyrockets with every marginal feature improvement, bank accounts simply cannot keep up.

Whether you are a tech nut after the next big thing, or cash-strapped and after the best possible deal, the second-hand market may well be the best place to be – and is no longer just the haunt of outmoded bricks. Still, you need to be savvy to the market to find the best deal and avoid being stung. Here we’ll illustrate some top tips to consider while buying a second-hand smartphone.

Do your Research

There is already a diverse range of smartphones available to buy new – and the range available on the second-hand market is even wider, encompassing older models from every brand and every year. As such, you will want to do your research on exactly what features you want from a new phone, and whether or not they are included in the phones at which you are looking in the second-hand market. Some older phones may also no longer be supported by their manufacturer, meaning they will not receive software or security updates and will fail far quicker than supported phones.

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Keep an Eye Out for Fakes

Though the majority of second-hand sellers are genuine and trustworthy, an influx of fake smartphones bearing a genuine manufacturer’s name may fool them – and you. Be sure to check the phone for sale against specifications for the genuine article, and match the phone’s visual appearance to that of the real thing. The issues that can arise from owning a counterfeit phone are real – and potentially dangerous.

Inspect the Phone In-Person

If you are able to – whether in a second-hand shop or through meeting the seller privately – be sure to give the phone you intend to purchase a full inspection. Before you take the steps to sell your iPhone 12 mini for the next model up, you want to know it’s in the best possible condition.

You’re looking not only for things like evidence of scratches, or dings but also for the usability of the phone’s ports. Does it turn on, and if so what is the battery life like? Does it seem sluggish? Phones which have received heavy use may not be worth the money – so make sure to find the best possible example before committing your money and old phone.

Featured image: Pixabay (Pexels).