First, there are seatbelts for people. Then there is a seatbelt for dogs, and now there is a seatbelt for, ermm, bags? OK. The BAGO is not intrinsically a seatbelt for bags (but it is made of seatbelt-like material). It is more of a security line to keep things like grocery bags from going places when left on the footwell of the front passenger seat.

BAGO Glovebox Clip for Grocery Bag Indiegogo

Personally, I do not have this habit of placing anything on the floor of the car. I have a collapsible box with adjustable compartments in the trunk to keep the grocery bags or anything from going places when the car is moving.

However, if you prefer to drop the grocery bag or just about any kind of bag on the floor of the front passenger seat, then BAGO is the perfect automobile accessory for you.

Seriously, this is probably the one automotive accessory you never knew you need. Well, for folks who like putting stuff in the footwell, that is.

BAGO is a seatbelt-like lifeline of sorts with a plastic anchor on one end and a metal spring clamp on the other.

BAGO Glovebox Clip for Grocery Bag Indiegogo

How BAGO works is super simple. Place the plastic anchor inside the closed glove box, let the seatbelt-like strap down, secure the grocery bag with the metal spring clamp, and voila! Your grocery bag or any other kind of bag isn’t going anywhere.

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OK. It may swing around during a violent car chase but rest assured nothing will spill out. Probably. Because if it gets too violent, the brown bag may just tear. Just saying… Anywho, as far as regular, non-car-chase-scenario goes, it will work.

When it is done, you can just stow away the device into the glovebox and be out of sight until it needed to be used the next time.

BAGO was a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and it is now on Indiegogo InDemand where you can pre-order a unit for 22 bucks. If everything goes as planned, shipping should commence starting in June 2022. Here’s a video of it in action:

Images: Indiegogo (Dan Stevenson).

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