the Airstream trailer has an irresistible old school charm, but what if you don’t want to having anything in tow and a motor coach is way too, well, typical to your liking? then the Tonke Campers might just by right up your alley. in a wonderful matrimony of the old and the new, the Tonke Campers features a cart-style camper, fused to the chassis of a modern day Mercedes-Benz truck that leaves us in awe and wanting one. of course, we have no room for such a beauty here, but for you guys who do, we envy you. we never thought retro styling could ever go with the contemporary (if only they could do the same for the new Unimog). anyhow, there are two series to choose from: the smaller Explorer series and the roomier Fieldsleeper series, and in between them are four specific models, each having their own unique amenities.

depending on the model, you can expect amenities such as showers, toilets, kitchens, spaces for storage, beds and even room for a bike or two. but regardless of what’s your decision, expect to be welcomed by a warm, yacht-like interior. as you might have expected by now, these awesome campers are custom designed and built-to-order at the company’s workshop in The Netherlands. if your heart is already all fluffy and already dreaming of what a summer will be with one of these, then we suggest you touch base with these folks soon. we have a feeling they are going to be hot thing for this summer. though, you might have to pay through the nose for one cos’ each of these will cost at least €95,000 (about US$122,000) and that’s excluding delivery if you are way outside of Holland.

Tonke Campers via Uncrate

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