Whether you’ve recently purchased your very first motorcycle or you’re a lifelong bike lover with ample driving experience, you probably already know just how unsafe the roads can be for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, as a motorcyclist, you are more exposed to harm as you do not have the same level of protection that a car has to offer.

Protect Yourself On The Roads As A Motorcyclist
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Even a minor bike accident can be severe due to the lack of protection. With that said, there are some ways that you can effectively reduce your risk of being involved in a motorcycle accident.

Wear Protective Gear

Even if your region’s laws don’t insist that bikers have to wear protective gear, it is always best to protect yourself as much as possible. Therefore, you should invest in a quality helmet, a genuine leather biker’s jacket, genuine leather biker boots, and a quality pair of biker’s gloves. It is also best to avoid driving your motorcycle in shorts instead of wearing thick denim jeans to protect your legs better.

Wearing protective gear will not only ensure you are at less risk of serious injury should you be involved in an accident, but the decision will also help you if you need to claim for a road accident. While it is best to rely on an expert motorcycle accident lawyer, protective gear is vital for your own safety on the roads.

Replace Your Helmet When Necessary

Far too many motorcyclists assume that a helmet will last several years. However, your helmet must be replaced if it has been dropped or you have been involved in an accident. While surface scratches won’t affect the level of protection a helmet can provide, even a minor drop can weaken the level of protection.

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Therefore, a dropped helmet may not protect you as it should when involved in a collision or an accident. You should also consider quality when purchasing a helmet, as higher-quality helmets will provide extra protection as a general standard.

Protect Yourself On The Roads As A Motorcyclist
Credit: Pexels.

Keep Your Motorcycle In Pristine Condition

Just like every other type of vehicle out there, motorcycles require ongoing maintenance and repairs. Keeping your bike in pristine condition by keeping up to date with vehicle services and ensuring the brakes, tires, and every other mechanism on your bike is working as it should is crucial.

Neglecting maintenance could have you on the wrong side of the law should you be involved in a collision due to brake failure or other faults with your motorcycle.

Obtain An Advanced Driving License

Even though an advanced driving license is not mandatory for car or bike drivers, the extra experience an effective way to reduce your risks as a road user. During advanced driving lessons, you will learn how to maneuver your motorcycle in dangerous situations, poor weather conditions, and other situations.

This knowledge will essentially enable you to protect yourself on the roads better as you will have more experience and ample confidence to know how to react.

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