tough clamshell mobile phone with 12megapixel camera: G’zOne Type-X

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if you are an adventurer, this tough clamshell mobile phone could be just the phone for you. KDDI and Okinawa Cellular is releasing a mobile handset that will keep the elements out during your outdoor adventure. introducing the G’zOne Type-X clamshell mobile handset. and guess what? Casio Computer Co., Ltd is also involved, therefore you can expect some of their G-Shock treatment to be carried over to the G’zOne Type-X.
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being tough meaning it would embody waterproof and dust-proof characteristics which are of military standards. the mobile phone will spot a 3.2 inch IPS LCD display and a 1.1 inch external LCD display. other features include a micro-SDHC card slot supporting up to 32GB and WIFI-enabled. there is also a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor camera built-in, allowing you to capture those outdoor adventure moments.

oh, and its a CDMA phone and weighs in at 179 grams. battery performance is said to be 390 minutes of talk time and 390 hours of standby time. the G’zOne Type-X is available in three colors: green, red and black over the standard black base color.

GzOne TYPE-X - green 544px
(image credit: Watch Impress)

GzOne TYPE-X - red 544px
(image credit: Watch Impress)

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