Toyota C-HR and IZOA Electric Cars

After all these years of dabbling in hybrid electric vehicle, Toyota is finally stepping into the electric vehicle market. The Japanese automaker had, in April, revealed two electric vehicles: C-HR and IZOA, calling them Battery Electric Vehicles, or BEVs. Fancy branding aside, they are still EVs, btw. And IZOA is essentially the C-HR, but locally made in China. Beyond the fact that the duo will be launched in China in 2020, next to nothing is known about these two electric models.

The EVs premiered at the Auto Shanghai 2019 in April, along with a few out hybrid/plug-in hybrid, and a very interesting concept BEV called RHOMBUS. RHOMBUS is a diamond-layout EV concept that has central driver seat up front and three seats to the back in a lounge-like setup. Other than those, not a lot is known about this radical-looking electric vehicle.

All images courtesy of Toyota.