There is something strangely alluring about classic motorcycles. There is also something lovely about off-road motorcycles. I am talking about WWII-era kind of off-road two-wheelers, btw; not motocross-type scrambles. Marry these two designs and I bet it would like the OX Patagonia, a minimal and classy electric motorcycle from the Spanish motorcycle marque OX Motorcycles.

OX Patagonia Electric Off-road Motorcycle

The chassis is adapted for off-road and so are the tires, which it has 17-inch at the rear with an 11 kW in-hub motor and a 19-inch spoke front. The knobby rubbers are not only good for off-roading but they are good for any surface. The electric motor has a top speed of 110 km/h (68 mph) while its removable 72V and 60A battery offers up to 100 km (62 mph) range.

For the purpose of off-roading, the OX Patagonia is taller, has a longer distance between axes, longer travel suspensions, a more upright riding position, and side protection.

OX Patagonia Electric Off-road Motorcycle

A few other highlights include side saddlebags in leather with a 14L capacity each, an LED headlight with a built-in windshield and grille, and a glovebox and USB port that can be found where the fuel tank would have been.

The OX Patagonia Electric Off-road Motorcycle is slated to launch in September 2022 for €6,900 (around US$7,272) in Spain, Portugal, and France. OX Motorcycles is taking reservations as we speak.

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Images: OX Motorcycles.

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