Zip line, or Flying Fox as it is called is some countries, can only be described as an express, one-way ticket down. But it is a thrill ride of sort and as such ‘express’ is last thing any thrill-seeker wants. Then again, if you were to zip down, say a kilometer or so, straight, your heart will probably pops and even if it doesn’t, it would be a straight up, or in this case, straight-down boring ride. But don’t close your doors to zip line thrill yet, because there is such a thing called TreeTop Crazy Rider that would change the way we look at zip lines. Touted as the world’s longest roller coaster zip line, TreeTop Crazy Rider combines the hanging sensation of a zip line with the twists and turns offered by a roller coaster, letting you zip through the natural environment of the Ourimbah State Forest in New South Wales, Australia, at heights as high as 18 meters or 60 feet.

TreeTop Crazy Rider

It boasts a specially design suspended track interjected with five 360-degree loops and 40 zig zags and slaloms to add to the exhilaration. It took Australian company, Ecoline (the folks behind TreeTop Crazy Rider), two years to develop this eco-friendly tree-based system that provides the thrill bathed among the trees, without prohibiting the trees growth. To reinforce their commitment to nature, Ecoline engages an independent arborist (basically, someone who is all nuts about trees, shrubs and stuff like that) to monitors the health of the trees used to create the zip lines.

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So how much for such thrill? $75 for the one-kilometer trip. Kids of age between 7-17 years gets $10 discount. There is also a less heart-popping option, called “The Pioneer” (the kilometer long ride is called “The Xtreme”) which gets you 330 m of thrill for $40, or ten bucks cheaper for kids within the indicated age bracket. And oh, the ride is designed to suit all ages (well, almost) and abilities, including wheelchair-bound thrill seekers too. Keep reading for a park promote video.

TreeTop Crazy Rider

TreeTop Crazy Rider

TreeTop Crazy Rider via Gizmodo

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