You know how the rich get to handpick materials for their ride? That’s personalization and it is like the Nirvana in the world of customization. Kids will never have such luxury because, kids. However, much to the envy of both grown-ups and little kids alike, a kid name Leart has gotten this luxury. You see, Leart is the son of Gaz and nephew of Bujar Muharremi, and Bujar and Gaz happens to be the folks running Auto Fabrica, a bike customizer. Now, you see why the uber stylish mini bike you see here, called Type 0.1, is no surprise and why Leart is one lucky little bugger?

Type 0.1 Custom Mini Bike by Auto Fabrica

Anywho, without getting too deep into the technical bits, here are what we know about this sweet, tiny two-wheeler off-roaders: it took a month’s of dedication to realize. It is a cumulation of hand custom parts, and stock and modified parts from both the old and new, made to fit the new size. It is driven by a single-speed 50cc, two-stroke motor pulled from an old full-size two-wheeler, but it is not road legal, obviously, and therefore, it was given the liberty of dispensing with the need for speedometer and even lights. This in turns allow the build to skip the wire mess associated with those elements. The result is added cleanliness one can only dream of. And oh, the color and the materials were all handpicked by little Leart. Damn, Leart, you are one lucky young lad!

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Type 0.1 Custom Mini Bike by Auto Fabrica

Now, the good news for both adults and little ones. This is not an one-off ride. Auto Fabrica can build one for junior and if you wish, Bujar and Gaz can build a matching full-size version too, so parents and kids can take on the beaten trails together, on same looking bikes. Well, what can we say? It is a good time to be alive, more so if you are kids of parents with a lot of disposal income. We are clueless about the price, but surely it won’t cost more than a mini Ferrari Testarossa, right?

Type 0.1 Custom Mini Bike by Auto Fabrica

Type 0.1 Custom Mini Bike by Auto Fabrica

Images and source: BIKEEXIF.

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