forget what you know about those cushy, plush toys. you are all grown up now and so should your plush toys, that’s if you still insists on having some around. instead of cute little minions, you should be looking at these Vicious Plush Toys by Nats Toys. trust me, these plush toys will make foul-mouthed, talking Ted looks tame. an unlikely duo, Natasha and Natalie (collectively known as Nats Toys), are the brains behind these lovable yet untamed plush creatures. the duo are pretty gals who begs to differ, or should we say, they are gals who are out to break the stereotype any dudes have for gals. measuring 12 inches tall, the Vicious Plush Toys all comes with somewhat disturbing glow-in-the-dark eyes. if the fangs-showing, jaw-wide-open appearance is still too mild by your standard, then you can opt for scars and “blood” to be part of the plush for an even more, well, disturbing effect. definitely not for kids or the faint of heart. nah. just kidding. they are not that scary but not cuddly cute either, which is what makes them all the more awesome.

as of now, the duo has three models to offer: Tear Bear, BaBOO! (a baboon) and Hissy Puss (a black kitty cat). with the exception of the witch’s best friend, both Tear Bear and BaBOO! are being offered with the option of scars and “blood”. we are not sure what will be the materials for both inside and out, but whatever they are, rest assure that these plush toys are crafted to meet toy safety standards set in the United States and the “blood” dye used is actually non-toxic permanent fabric paint, so these plushy are basically, child-friendly, though we are not quite sure the menacing outlook is. just saying… regardless, they certainly qualifies as collectible for grown ups. if you are keen on laying your hands on these irresistible alternative soft toys, you can show your support by making a pledge on Nats Toys’ Kickstarter campaign. early bird gets a special price of $30 for each, after which you will need to drop $35 for each, or 120 bucks if you want a mega-sized Tear Bear. scroll down for a few more hi-res product images, as well as a pitch video by the girls.

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