Video: Microsoft internal video mocks Google’s Gmail – funny!

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(image credit: screenshot from video O365 MGX Copy video)

this was supposedly a video that was created to give the Office 365 sales team a boost but managed to “leak” outside the circle. ironically, this video found its way to Google’s YouTube which doesn’t seems very convincing as a “leak”. as to the video’s emphasis on the “snooping” and “skimming” through the Gmail’s inboxes for keywords and pushing the relevant ads – personally, that doesn’t really bothers me a bit. yes, i am a Gmail user for many years now. at times, i didn’t even take notice that there’s an ad right at the top. anyway, on the business-end, ads do help to keep the Gmail free, which is what i and i believe, many users would have preferred as oppose to paying a hefty sum for something i could have for free. anyway, hit past the jump and check out this hilarious video for yourself.
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