Never mind if Digimon is a distance memory for you because, the wave 3 of Digimon devices from Bandai will sure to flood you with a sense of nostalgia. The Digimon DigiVice from the 90s is back, but now in a choice of brightly colored and texture finishes.

Wave 3 of Bandai Digimon Devices Review

We are grateful to score two and have a go with them. Lucky us! Our first impression is, the rebooted Digimon remains faithful to the original. This means, hatching and caring for a digital monster, and when it blossomed into grown monster, you can get it ready for monster battles by through tireless training.

At the top of each device is the exclusive Dock’n Rock feature which allows you to pit your Digimon against your friend’s. But before that can happen, there is much work to do. It’s a process of feeding your beloved digital creature with food and protein, training it, and cleaning after it. Man, these creatures do poop a lot!

Wave 3 of Bandai Digimon Devices Review

The Bandai Digimon DigiVice is pretty low tech by today’s standard, but it is strangely addictive. Very addictive. I should be writing some posts and yet, I am busy caring for my virtual monster. Then again, who needs to work when you can rear a legion of monsters and take over the world, right?

Jokes aside, the game itself is no walk in the (digi) park. A look at the nearly 40-page manual would give you some idea. Granted, it does have two other languages. Anywho… the battle with another Digimon is particularly complex for beginner. After that, it is a matter of practice.

Wave 3 of Bandai Digimon Devices Review

As far as the hardware goes, it is exactly how I remember it to be. The LCD has a fixed landscape background, just like handheld video game consoles of that era (remember Western Bar???). There are three buttons – all in partially recess, which I triggering the buttons not quite responsive. It could be due to my gorilla-size digits that’s preventing a complete depress of the button.

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Other than that, the device is pretty much flawless. While it may be a reboot, it is not replica of the old device. That said, the build quality is pretty solid. No misalignment or whatsoever. Each DigiVice comes with its own hook for latching to your keychain, or wherever you desire.

Wave 3 of Bandai Digimon Devices Review
I can hardly put it down.

The new Bandai Digimon Devices should provide kids of the 90s a blast of nostalgia and it would be as much fun for kids too. If you are worry about kids having too much screen time, this is a perfect gaming alternative. I bet they will be just as addicted as we were when we were their age.

If you are interested in picking up one, you can find Wave 3 of Bandai Digimon Devices being sold on for US$19.99 a pop.

Wave 3 of Bandai Digimon Devices Review
Battery included!

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