Wavejet – personal water propulsion for watercrafts

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(credit: Wavejet) Wavejet | US$tba | wavejet.com

surfboard’s land-based counterpart has gone into powered propulsion, so it is only a matter of time before we see the same in bodyboarding and surfboarding. in fact, it seems to be that way with Wavejet, a patented Personal Water Propulsion (PWP) engine that is designed specifically for watercraft use which includes surfboard, kayak, kiteboard and the likes. despite it’s slimline form factor, the Wavejet is capable of 20 lbs of thrust.
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its integrated twin-lithium ion pack is good for a run-time of over 30 minutes, and easily recharges via a standard wall socket. the Wavejet is touted to “safe, quiet and light” and it can even be used in shallow water where paddles and oars are rendered ineffective. obviously, Wavejet is not meant to be the main power source but more as an auxiliary power beyond the user’s paddles. however, we could be seeing a full-fledge propulsion system for such water sports in near future. if that happens, i might just consider doing water sports despite my fear for sharks.

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Wavejet via Uncrate

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