when art meets boating: The Love Love

(photo credit: julienberthier.org) Love Love | US$na | www.julienberthier.org

what you see here is not a man in dire situation but rather a fully functional boat in the form of a wrecked ship. the brain child behind this cool work of art is French designer, Julien Berthier.
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as Julien described the “Love-love is the permanent and mobile image of a wrecked ship that has become a functional and safe leisure object”. it is not just work of art but a lot of floating and balancing knowledge put into the Love-love to make it fully functional.

perhaps not the newest news but cool stuff is definitely worth mentioning again and again. apparently this was sold for £50,000 in 2009. so you want cool stuff? i bet you can’t get any cooler than this.

Love-love 544px
Love-love 544px

(photo credit: julienberthier.org)
Julien Berthier, via Gizmag

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