Xbox x Air Jordan Video Game Console

Given that the next-generation Xbox, dubbed Xbox X Series, is due to arrive Holiday 2020, we are not expecting any new Xbox version – not even special editions. But here it is, the Xbox x Air Jordan.

If you take a closer look, it is not simply an Xbox One coated red. It actually has some kind of pattern on it. Kotaku thought it was leather pattern and a nod to the new red colorway (which is in red) of the new 1988 Jordan 3.

Xbox x Air Jordan Video Game Console

Though it is not clear if it was just a pattern or is actual leather or even faux leather. It will cool if it is more than just a paint job. But the thing is, it is not for sale. Not that everyone is keen in bagging one.

In case you are down, you will want to know it is only available through a competition. Am I disappointed? Not even a bit.

Image: Twitter (@Xbox).

Source: Kotaku.