Here’s an interesting accessory that we think will revolutionize how you mount your favorite action camera. You how is it like with action cam. It has be mounted somewhere and when it is not on your helmet or bicycle handlebar, it have to be on tripod or something. However, that changes with XCLEAR. XCLEAR is an alternative way of mounting action camera like the GoPro that negates the need for setting up tripod and what’s even better is, it is so thin and small that it fits inside your wallet, so you can have a mount handy whenever you go.

XCLEAR Nano-suction Action Camera Mount

OK. Maybe it is not quite a mount, mount. It is essentially an adhesive of sort, except that it isn’t one. Instead messy adhesive, XCLEAR leverages on nano-suction technology, offering millions of tiny suction cups to enable boxy action camera to stick to the vertical surfaces of your choosing. If you know anything about nano-suction technology, you would have know that it is not sticky, super strong and yet easy to remove without leaving a trail of mess. It is washable too and it works on just about any smooth surface you can throw at it.

XCLEAR Nano-suction Action Camera Mount

XCLEAR’s idea isn’t exactly revolutionary, though, it has been used in other applications, such as smartphone holder, and now, someone decided that it is high time to size it for action cameras. It is convenient, mess-free and makes solo video capturing a breeze, but it is not without its caveat. It has to have a vertical flat surface to hold on and therefore, this is one mount that is not mean for the mountains or valley, nor is it for leaping off a Cessna at 13,000 feet in the air. The XCLEAR works best in the massive network of streets embedded within the towering skyscrapers.

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XCLEAR Nano-suction Action Camera Mount

If you are down for a non-sticky, fuss-free action camera mount, you may want to considering backing the product’s campaign on Kickstarter. For a pledge of 20 English money or more (around US$28 or more), you will secure yourself a unit with shipping. As with any Kickstarter campaign, it will only realize if the campaign meets its set funding goal within the campaign duration.

All images courtesy of XCLEAR.

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