Athletes often need to hit up massage establishments to relieve their muscle stiffness and tension. With the pandemic, this has become a risky thing to do. This is where a device like the Xiaomi Massage Gun can help. Wait, what? That’s right. The China handset maker and maker of everything the sun also has a massage gun too.

Xiaomi Massage Gun

Xiaomi Massage Gun is powered by a brushless motor with intelligent power control. It offers 3-speed modes and each massage gun comes with 3 replaceable heads for different targeted deep tissue massage. And it is quiet too, generating just 45 dB of sound, which is slightly nosier than a quiet library and quieter than a moderate rainfall.

The Xiaomi Massage Gun is not just for relieving sore muscle or muscle stiffness or tension; it can efficiently warm up your muscle for better sports performance – in addition to your usual warm-up routine.

Xiaomi Massage Gun

The brushless motor is capable of putting out 570 mN for efficient relaxation while a frequency of 3,200 RPM provides rapid relief. It further boasts an amplitude of 10 mm, far enough to offer a true deep-tissue massage.

Finally, the device is equipped with a 2,600 mAh battery good for 5 hours of use on a single charge.

We have no idea when the Xiaomi Massage Gun will be available. It looks like it isn’t available in China either. The Xiaomi Massage Gun appears to be a brand new product, not the Mini version on sale in China.

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Images: Xiaomi.

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