Youcan BW Space Pro Underwater Drone

Sharing aerial video on social media is so yesterday. If you really want to share the beauty that this little Blue Marble has to offer, you gotta go underwater which you can do so with new underwater drone from China’s Youcan Robotics called BW Space Pro. BW Space Pro is an updated underwater drone of the company’s BW Space from 2018.

Youcan BW Space Pro Underwater Drone

Looking at the imaging specs, you’d forgiven for mistaking it as an aerial imagine drone. BW Space Pro is first on a consumer-grade underwater drone to feature 6x zoom lens. The zoom lens is paired to a 1/1.8-inch CMOS sensor, f1.4 aperture and “unique” image stabilization technology to enable it to record moving subjects, in 4K/30fps video or 12 MP still, from 50 meters (164′) away.

BW Space Pro’s neutrally buoyant seawater-proof high-strength plastic hull is powered by four thrusters (two vertical and two horizontal), providing an impressive forward and reverse thrust of 3 kg (6.6 lbs) and 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs), respectively. It is capable of a top speed of 1.5 meters per second (4.9 ft/s or 2.9 knots) and it is totally capable diving down to 330 feet (100 m).

Youcan BW Space Pro Underwater Drone

Other highlights include 45 degrees tilt (up and down), auto brightness dual LED spotlights, built-in 9,600 mAh battery for up to 5 hours of operation, 5 GHz WiFi extender relays data at up to 433 Mbps, depth sensor, precise depth hovering, remote control with app or advanced remote controller, and there is thing called “digital defogging” which I assume it is a lens anti-fogging feature.

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Youcan BW Space Pro Underwater Drone comes in three configurations: BW Space Pro 4K Zoom, BW Space Pro 4K and BW Space FHD. Prices are, obviously, not cheap.

The top-of-the-line rig commands a hefty $1,999, while the 4K-only and the FHD model goes for $1,399 and $999, respectively. There’s a pre-sale going on though, where you can pre-order a unit at a significant discount of between 200-300 dollars.

Images: Youcan Robotics.